Professional Standards

Learn professional translation standards

This course has three modules that explain every facet of working with clients as a professional translator:

Professional Translator Standards:

Learn the basic skills of a professional freelance translator. This module builds on the basic translation method you learned in school and shows the in-depth process to ensure your translations are of impeccable quality and that they impress your clients.

Professional Translator Practices:

Discover the process to wow clients so that they see you as a consummate professional and want to refer you to their colleagues. Learn about key concepts like confidentiality and responsiveness. You will also learn how to wow clients without bending over backwards to please them.

Professional Translator Image:

As an introverted translator, you probably find selling to be completely icky! In this module, you'll learn how to create an image that sells for you. No flashy or pushy sales techniques required!

When you're done this course, you'll have everything you need to become a premium and in-demand freelance translator. You'll feel confident that you finally know what clients want and how to keep them coming back. Selling yourself and your services will be that much easier.

Your Instructor

Amy Butcher
Amy Butcher

Learn "Skills, Service and Sales" to start your freelance translation business from a freelance translation veteran!

Amy Butcher started her translation career with no intention of becoming a freelancer. After a false start, quitting translation altogether, being super scared of freelancing and then finally making it work, she now makes six figures every year as a premium freelance translation professional.

Amy now coaches freelance translators to help them improve their skills, provide impeccable customer service and hone their sales approach so that they can build their freelance translation business and live The Translator's Life!

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